Past Event: Stanford GSB Chapter of Hong Kong

Lunch, Monday, 28 January 2013
Stanford Speaks:
PHILIP G. ZIMBARDO, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University
My Journey from Evil to Heroism
12:00    Registration
12:45    Remarks
13:15    Q&A
13:45    Close
The China Club, Old Bank of China Building, Central, Hong Kong

Event Details:

Thirty-six Stanford GSB Chapter of Hong Kong and Stanford Club of Hong Kong Leaders, Members & Guests signed-up for a lunch presentation by Professor Emeritus Philip G. Zimbardo, one of modern psychology’s most legendary and internationally renown thinkers.

Professor Zimbardo is perhaps best known for the Stanford Prison Experiment (, a Vietnam War-era study that revolutionized how behavior, environment and pre-extent conditions were thought to drive human moral behavior, for good and for evil.  His life’s work has focused on the malleability of human behavior and how positive and negative environments can drive behavior, both “villains” and “heroes” to arise where previously inconceivable.   His works on the subject include award-winning The Lucifer Effect and, more recently, The Time Paradox.

Professor Zimbardo has been a guest on such well-known television programs as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, and has hosted the PBS television series, Discovery Psychology.  Although he gave his final Exploring Human Nature lecture at Stanford in 2007 (after officially retiring in 2003), the Stanford GSB Chapter is particularly privileged to have benefited from an “encore performance” of the Professor before our Community here in Hong Kong.

Professor Zimbardo has been widely recognized for his work, including receiving the American Psychological Association Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement in the Science of Psychology, and receiving the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation Vision 97 Award in Prague.  He, today, dedicates much of his time to the Heroic Imagination Project (click here) which focus on how individuals can become moral heroes despite their circumstances or enviornments.

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