Past Event: Stanford GSB Chapter of Hong Kong

Evening, Wednesday, 19th November 2014

Speaker Series:
DOUGLAS YOUNG, Co-Founder & CEO, Goods of Desire (G.O.D.) 住好啲

Hong Kong’s King of Puns: From Old Mailboxes to Sexy Bum-Shaped Mooncakes:
How a Hong Kong entrepreneur is building a global brand through tongue-in-cheek interpretations of local design and culture

18:30   Registration
19:00   Remarks, followed by Q&A
20:30   Close

Club Lusitano, 24th floor
16 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong

Drinks (Open Bar) & Canapés. Early Bird Credit Card/PayPal Pre-Payment of HKD 380 if made by 12 p.m. Tuesday noon 18th November. Late Bird Pre-Payment and/or Cash at the Door charge will be HKD 580. To register,  PLEASE CLICK HERE.  Please bring exact amount if paying in cash as no change will be provided. No refunds for no-shows or post-payment cancellations.


Speaker's Bio
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Event Details:

The Stanford GSB Chapter of Hong Kong is pleased to invite you to its talk with Douglas Young, the Co-Founder and CEO of lifestyle brand and boutique Goods of Desire (G.O.D.). G.O.D. is a furniture, accessories and apparels business fused with a mix of local and modern Hong Kong.

The uniqueness of G.O.D. is inspired by Hong Kong culture fashioning a stylish and youthful brand that is as irreverent as it is successful. It offers something that is strikingly different from others and have time and again set itself apart from its competition as one of the most appealing and noticeable Hong Kong Chinese companies. Douglas’s unique take on everyday items gives G.O.D. its products an unmistakable stamp. Each design is recognizable with a strong Hong Kong style helping the people of Hong Kong build a greater sense of identity together. Consequently pushing a stronger and less transient Hong Kong community.

Digging deeper, G.O.D. is offering something that is strikingly different from others. Many of its products are more than simply functional, it makes people think about culture and history and challenges current ways and taboos.  Some of Douglas’s designs are decisively provocative, so offensive that he displeased the police and was arrested for printing T-shirts with a tainted slogan.  This incident got so much public support that it amazingly transformed the brand as niche and cult to a household name overnight.

With a desire to extend its name internationally, G.O.D. has certainly worked its charm in overseas markets. Its furniture, home ware and lifestyle accessories, all with a taste of Hong Kong, can be found in boutique stores in very fashion conscious cities like New York and London. Every one of Douglas’s designs captures the theme of Hong Kong, placing the tiny city and its Chinese tradition on the world map of modern culture.

However, will his edgy and teasing continue to capture the true essence of Hong Kong? Will Douglas continue with his tongue-in-cheek style while maintaining a streak of disrespect that people will continue to find appealing? What's more, does Hong Kong’s voice come through his clothes and art? Is G.O.D. allowing the inert population of Hong Kong a channel to voice out? Or are the products of G.O.D. a way to satisfy the consumers’ emotional needs?

The brand G.O.D. has continuously achieved a true blend of east meeting west styles, striking a hit with both the local and expatriate communities’ shared love for the city’s liveliness and potential. Through the years, the Hong Kong community has mainly been very supportive of the controversial brand, hoping to build a greater sense of identity and culture together. Through the years, he has won his share of both fans and critics, but love him or hate him, everyone knows Douglas Young.

The Stanford GSB Chapter of HK could not be more pleased to have Douglas Young share his experiences, the controversies, the struggles and how a local brand is making a mark in the global design community.  We hope you can join us.

Speaker's Bio: Douglas Young, Co-Founder & CEO, G.O.D.

Born and raised in Hong Kong till the age of 14, Douglas attended boarding school and university in the United Kingdom where he graduated as an architect before returning to Hong Kong, and soon thereafter, started G.O.D. in 1996. Nearly two decades later, the brand has become ‘the’ Lifestyle store in Hong Kong.  Living better is something Douglas envisioned for the people of Hong Kong. By successfully repackaging visuals from Hong Kong heritage into home furniture, lifestyle accessories and clothing, Douglas has allowed consumers to build a greater sense of identity and culture together.

Douglas and G.O.D. have both won numerous awards including "Man of the Year" by Hong Kong Business Magazine in 2009, "Ten Outstanding Designers Award" by the Hong Kong Communication Art Centre in 2006, "Outstanding Greater China Design Award" by The Hong Kong Communication Art Centre in 2008, "Design of the Year – Bedding" Elle Decoration Magazine International Design Award, "Innovation and Creativity Award" by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce in 2005, and "Design for Asia Award" by the Hong Kong Design Centre in 2004, amongst others.